How Acupuncture Shines

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While acupuncture is an excellent treatment for pain management and relief, it also has much greater applications beyond this. It’s been proven as a viable treatment for a broad range of conditions, including in conjunction with other treatments like CBD or herbal oils.

Although accompanied by a normal general treatment plan, acupuncture greatly helps reduce the severity and frequency of episodes for chronic conditions, while also helping complete recovery from more acute problems. Some of these include asthma, anxiety and stress, headaches and migraines, PTSD, PMS, and IBS. Acupuncture also has a 50% success rate with conditions, particularly when used in conjunction with Chinese herbal medicines. These conditions include constipation, acid reflux, nausea and vertigo, depression, and gastritis. Some neurological conditions, chronic illnesses, and subclinical diseases where acupuncture can be used as effective management support include heart arrhythmias, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and cancer support.

It must be noted, however, that while acupuncture can be used for treatment of conditions like those mentioned above, it should not be the only treatment. Physician involvement should always be paramount, especially when it comes to the more serious conditions like heart disease or cancer; acupuncture should never be used as a sole substitution for professional treatment but used to support said treatment.

For acupuncture to be truly effective, it needs to be followed as an appropriate treatment course; while initial visits can result in better relaxation and general improvement as a by-product, there should generally be between one to three treatments a week, depending on the severity of the condition being treated or managed.

Once there are detectable lasting positive results over treatments, these can become less frequent. After an initial course is completed, it’s recommended for patients to experience the frequency of appointments to see what works best for them. Acupuncture is a process, not an immediate cure-all, but it can have lasting benefits and is useful for dealing with a wide variety of health conditions. It never hurts to try.

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