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TCM & Acupuncture for Menstruation

In Chinese medicine, the menstrual cycle is an important indicator of general and reproductive health. It gives a great deal of information about the status of various physiological processes in the body. Regulating the menstrual cycle using acupuncture and Chinese medicine is often at the center of treatment for many chronic health conditions and for treating fertility issues. A healthy menstrual cycle is a sign of overall health.

Causes of Menstrual Pain

When the flow of blood and qi (vital energy) gets blocked or obstructed during menstruation, it can lead to pain, bloating and nausea. To treat these symptoms, TCM aims to restore and stimulate proper circulation and regulate qi flow. In addition, it might be necessary to warm the spleen and stomach to dispel the cold.

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How TCM Addresses Menstruation in Markham

Acupuncture works on many levels, including regulating the nervous system, which in turn regulates numerous physiological processes. Some of the effects acupuncture has in this way include reducing pain and inflammation, improving circulation, and reducing stress and anxiety. In the case of women’s health, acupuncture has been shown to regulate uterine and ovarian blood flow via its effect on the ovarian sympathetic nerves. For any menstrual cycle issues, it is important to consult with your physician or OB/GYN doctor to rule out any serious conditions that may require more immediate medical attention.

Acupuncture Results for Menstruation

Most women have reported to have experienced relief from the various symptoms within 24 hours of the treatment, although this may vary depending on the person and symptom experienced.

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Common Menstruation Conditions We Treat in Rosedale

Acupuncture and TCM can greatly help with menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms, including:

TCM for Menstrual Discomfort


Acupuncture will nudge a woman's cycle towards being more predictable and with bleeding lasting between 3-5 days. It can also improve egg quality. Acupuncture treatments can increase blood circulation to the ovaries, which can then improve egg quality.
You can have acupuncture during any part of your menstrual cycle, as it can help with different aspects during the month. From around day 4-5 of your cycle, when fertility hormones (FSH) start to rise, having acupuncture can help with egg growth and maturation
There is good evidence to show that acupuncture is very effective for reducing the intensity of menstrual cramps and the length of time the pain is experienced. Unlike painkillers it doesn’t just treat the symptoms as they occur, but has an effect to lessen period pain for future cycles.
Researches have shown that acupuncture is very effective in treating PMS. In one study it was found that acupuncture could cure the symptoms of PMS in almost 78% of the women who had participated in that study. The treatment of acupuncture had been able to alleviate cramps, nausea, headaches, anxiety, and insomnia.
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