The High Ranked Herbs and Acupuncture Clinic in Toronto

Qi Herbs and Acupuncture Centre Toronto, located in Downtown Toronto, walking distance for office workers, residents in Toronto and students of University of Toronto. We are one of the best acupuncture clinics and have the best traditional Chinese medicines in Canada, and have a great reputation in the alternative medicine industry. 
Meanwhile, we established the most comfortable and careful clinic environment with FIVE treatment rooms with bright windows.  We have a large waiting area with a Chinese calligraphy corner, where you can learn Chinese Characters while you wait!
In addition to medical services of herb treatment and acupuncture, we also offer RMT service, acupressure, and cupping and moxibustion service.
 We are proud to have four special clinics, including Acupuncture in Fertility and Herbs clinic, Kids clinic, Oncology clinic and Pain management clinic. We carry unique treatment plans for special clinics, with combination of the most conventional herbs and acupuncture treatment in Toronto, for each therapeutic circle. All our medical staff are general Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, but still have more experienced fields of each one. Kathy Feng is very  experienced on Fertility acupuncture and herbal therapy and kids care, while Jacky Liang worked with many cancer patients and adequate practice in pain management. 
We choose to use herbal powder instead of raw herbs, in order to avoid contamination and heavy metal residue issues. Also, powders are more practical for rapid-paced society. At the same time, all of our acupuncture needles are disposable for safety and effectiveness. 
Acupuncture and herbal therapy belong to Chinese medicine, and these two treatment methods are never separated in local Chinese hospitals. Our Chinese medicine practitioners are originally from China, who have the best understanding of the ancient medicine (of both acupuncture and herb) and culture. Each of us has special skills and work experience in China with excellent local doctors, where we gained much more clinical experience. Thus, we are able to provide the most responsible and profession treatment to our valuable patients in Great Toronto Area.
We often hear complaints from our patients that they have no clear idea of the side effects of acupuncture and herb remedies. In general, we have to admit everything in Mother Nature has two sides–positive and negative. This rule is also suitable for Chinese Medicine. For example, if a practitioner apply reducing method on ST36, for a extraordinary weak body constitution, this practice may lead to even much less vital energy restored in the weak body. The patients may be severely injured by doing so.
The most important thing for every practitioner to remember and for every patient to be alert is: differentiate clearly the body constitution and the nature of the disease, before applying any treatment. We have more details in service page. 

Quality and Safety

We provide you with most professional Chinese medical services by our experienced staff. Our staff were trained with the best diagnostic Chinese methods and clinical experience in China.

Dignity and Respect

Your state is very important to us. We use individual approaches and treat each of our patients respectfully, taking into account your wishes and suggestions.


Our staff is very professional and responsive. We love our work and try to do our best to provide you with high-quality services and treatments.

Our Healthcare Staff

Founder, member of Canada Traditional Chinese College
Lecture of John and Jenny Chinese Medicine College
Experienced with Fertility and Pediatric fields
Founder, member of Canada Traditional Chinese College
Experienced with Cancer care and Pain Management
Member of the College massage therapists of Ontario
Experienced with Pain Management