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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine in which small needles are inserted into specific points along a muscle, nerve, tendon and/or fascia to correct the imbalance in the body’s qi, the energy that flows throughout the body via channels called meridians.

The practice of acupuncture can be dated back to the Stone Age in China. However, it was sometime around 2nd century B.C. that acupuncture was documented in the Bible of traditional Chinese medicine “Huang Di Nei Jing.” Since then, acupuncture theories have been evolved and updated over the past 2000 years.

Both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine have played a major role in the ancient Chinese healthcare system before Western medicine was adopted as mainstream medicine at the beginning of the 20th century.

How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture helps the body to regain its natural healing ability and return to homeostasis. It can even promote circulation of blood and oxygen in order to stimulate the nerves and nervous system.

Acupuncture needles are inserted into specific points to correct the imbalance in the body’s qi, the energy that flows throughout the body via channels called meridians. The meridians act as communication pathways between the brain and the body’s various structures and several factors can work to impede the qi flow, such as stress, trauma, and even unhealthy lifestyle choices.

By activating these points, an acupuncturist is able to regulate Qi flow in order to correct disharmony of Yin and Yang, thus to reach an optimal health state. All of our acupuncture needles are disposable for safety and effectiveness.

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Acupuncture Benefits

There are a variety of benefits to acupuncture treatment. Not only can it be used to treat various health issues like chronic pain, but the benefits also include the following:

Conditions Treated in in Rosedale and Markham

Acupuncture can be used to treat a variety of conditions such as the following:
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Acupuncture Treatment Procedure

A fine, sterile, disposable needle is inserted into specific points along a muscle, nerve, tendon and/or fascia to stimulate a physiological response that aids in our bodies’ natural recovery process.
The acupuncture needle remains inserted for 10-30 minutes to create the physiological change in the body, but each acupuncture session may last between 30 minutes to an hour.
Many people are surprised to find that acupuncture needles are associated with minimal discomfort and some people feel no pain at all. This is because acupuncture needles are thin, flexible and tapered at the tip, designed to slide smoothly into the skin.
With almost no significant side-effects, acupuncture has gained significant popularity in Western medicine for the treatment of many health-related issues. Overall, this approach is gentle, safe and highly effective and since single-use, disposable needles are now the practice standard, the risk of infection is minimal.
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Acupuncture Results

Since acupuncture is a process, certain indicators show that the treatment is successful. After two or three sessions, you should start to notice improvements in certain areas. Eventually, you will observe an overall sense of wellness, including your psychological and physical health.

Although everybody is different, some common indicators may include:

Acupuncture Markham FAQ

No. Unlike the thicker, hollow injection needles, acupuncture needles are fine, metallic and solid (0.12-0.30 mm). As they are skillfully inserted into selective points on your body, patients feel minimal prick pain like "mosquito bite" and tiny needling sensation. In our clinic, most patients always say that it is much better than what they imagined.
Certainly, if acupuncture treatment is performed by a qualified acupuncturist. Compared to other medical and alternative medical treatments, it has the least side effects. There are very limited reports that acupuncture might have unwanted effects. It is normal if you have some bruise on the site where the needle was inserted, since a very tiny vein under skin was occasionally hit by the needle. If you wear a pacemaker, are pregnant, or take blood thinner, please bring the matters to your acupuncturist's attention. Female patients should inform her practitioner if she has her period.
The best way to prepare is to eat a snack or a light meal before treatment so that your body has sufficient energy to work with. If possible it is best to wear loose clothing so that your arms and legs are accessible for treatment. After treatment we recommend you drink a glass of water to help stabilize your energy.

During the first visit, you should bring any medical documents to your acupuncturist. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire with regard to your medical history and basic personal information. Your practitioner will obtain a complete picture of your health state, daily diet, habit, behavior which may contribute to the condition. During the consultation, it is very important for patients to describe all of your symptoms and daily physical activities in detail, since a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine including an acupuncturist depends heavily on your subjective description. After a thorough Chinese medical examination, your practitioner will explain to you possible diagnosis and personalized treatment plan.

During a session of acupuncture treatment, you will be asked to lie on a treatment table and relax for a few minutes. And an acupuncturist will instruct you to prepare for the treatment. Disposable acupuncture needles will be gently inserted into selective points on arms, legs, backs or abdomen, etc. depending on your condition. With light music, you relax calmly on the table and acupuncture takes effect.

It really depends on your issue. The general rule is that the longer your issue is, the more sessions of acupuncture you will need. On the other hand, recovery time is affected by many other factors such as age, type of illness, severity of issue, etc. Other treatments may be added to your acupuncture treatment plan.

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