Oncology Support

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TCM & Acupuncture for Oncology Support

While it may not cure cancer, Traditional Chinese Medicine can complement Western medicine in helping patients battle the disease.

In taking a holistic approach towards treatment, it can strengthen a patient’s immune system and help him cope with the side effects of mainstream cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, thus improving his chances of recovery and lowering the chances of recurrence.

TCM complements mainstream treatments. We can help heal and support the patient at different stages, and reduce the side effects of treatment. We strengthen the immune system and increase the quality of life.

Harm Reduction

TCM applied at an early stage can reduce the severity of disease. TCM also takes into account a wide range of external factors that it believes can affect the body. They include environmental pollution, a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, insufficient rest, and habits such as smoking. Stress and negative emotions are also believed to compromise a body’s immune system.

TCM has practical advice for cancer patients undergoing treatment, such as getting enough rest, eating more vegetables and fruits, avoiding oily and processed foods, staying active and exercising, staying positive, and managing their stress.

TCM sees cancer as a disease of the entire body, not just the tumour itself. It’s a holistic treatment. So we don’t just treat the tumour itself, but the entire person.

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How TCM Supports Oncology

TCM can improve the clinical efficacy of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, guided by therapeutic principles of tonifying qi and producing blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing the liver and kidney, and removing heat from blood and toxic material from the body. TCM combined with chemotherapy has shown a favorable effect in improving efficacy with less adverse reactions.

For advanced cancer patients, elderly patients, or in those for whom radiotherapy and chemotherapy are unsuitable, TCM plays a strong role. Research shows that TCM can stabilize tumor lesions, improve symptoms, enhance the quality of life, and prolong survival time.

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Common Symptoms We Treat

Acupuncture helps with many of the side effects experienced from undergoing cancer treatment, such as the following:

TCM Treatments for Cancer Patients in Markham and Rosedale


TCM can possibly perform an important role by reducing the adverse effects brought about by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, thus improving therapeutic outcome and quality of life for patients.
There is no evidence to show that acupuncture can help treat or cure cancer. But it can help relieve some cancer symptoms and side effects from treatment. Research into acupuncture for cancer focuses on treating chemotherapy related sickness.
Acupuncture has been shown to ease the nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, fatigue, anxiety, depression and immune suppression that can often accompany cancer treatment.
Acupuncture is a safe and effective supplemental treatment for people who experience certain symptoms of cancer. It can also help manage some side effects of treatment, including chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, and hormone therapy.
With qualified and caring staff, your comfort is our top priority. Whether it is your first time using TCM or acupuncture, we strive to make it an enjoyable experience and cater to your specific needs.

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