Herbal Therapy

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What is TCM Herbal Therapy?

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the oldest and most commonly used medical procedures in the world. Besides conventional medicine, TCM is the only alternative medicine which has established a unique medical system consisting of its own medical principles, diagnostic standards and related treatments. It uses Chinese medicinal herbs to alter disease processes and the state of mind as well as to enhance recuperative power and capacity for pleasure, work and creativity. It frequently integrates acupuncture, diet, exercise and meditation in its treatment plan.

How Herbal Therapy Works

Herbal therapy uses medically active substances harvested from plants. These therapies may be made from any part of the plant but are most commonly made from leaves, roots, seeds, flowers, stems, bark, and even stones.

Depending on the herb, they can be taken in pill or liquid form, inhaled or applied to the skin since they come in all forms: dried, chopped, powdered, capsule, or liquid.

We choose to use herbal powder instead of raw herbs for convenience and effectiveness as well as to avoid contamination and heavy metal residue issues.

Herbal Treatment Specialties in Toronto

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Herbal Therapy Benefits

Every single herb has its own characteristics and acts on different organs of the body. They work to aid, restore and harmonize opposing forces of energy known as Yin and Yang. The parts of the plants used are all therapeutic and have natural healing properties that can promote wellbeing in both the body and mind in their own ways.

Conditions Treated

Herbs can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, such as:
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Herbal Therapy Treatment Procedure

Rather than prescribing specific herbs, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine typically combine a number of different herbs in formulas selected depending on the patient’s individual needs, complex diagnostic patterns, theories and systems during a herbal consultation or alongside an acupuncture session. Generally, acupuncture and herbal remedies work best when combined, so your healing journey will often be enhanced by taking an herbal supplement while receiving regular acupuncture.
The length of time before you see results depends on a number of factors. For some conditions, people see results within a few minutes of the first treatment. For chronic conditions, it may take a few weeks or longer to see noticeable results. Treatment is also dependent on whether or not you consistently take your herbal medicine and the way you are supposed to. The herbs cannot help you if you don’t take them.
Herbal therapy is a safe practice and the staff at Qi TCM are very well trained in traditional Chinese medicine. While Chinese herbs generally do not produce any sensations, please inform us about any unusual feelings, stomach upsets or any symptoms of allergic reactions.
Although herbal medicines are a gentle and non-toxic approach to good health, this does not mean that they never cause side effects or allergic reactions or that they never interact with other pharmaceutical and herbal treatments. Please be sure to inform our team about your other medications, and also be clear with your doctor and pharmacist about what TCM herbs you are taking.
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Herbal Therapy Results

Results from herbal therapy will depend on every person’s individual case. In acute cases, results can be seen almost immediately. In chronic cases, some results should be seen within two weeks, even though long term usage of Chinese herbs is often required.

Please schedule a follow-up appointment when you get your herbs so that you will have an opportunity to review results with us after the treatment has begun.

Herbal Therapy FAQ

Certainly. Chinese herbs have been widely used for thousands of years. It is very safe to use Chinese herbs if they are prescribed by a licensed practitioner of TCM. Like with any medicine, if you don’t follow the instructions, or take it when it is not prescribed, the results may not be good - so please follow instructions.
Most often, people with chronic conditions can begin seeing results in just two weeks. However, if you are not consistent and disciplined about your herb usage, you may find chronic conditions that were getting better due to herbal medicine begin to return.
While Western medicine may heroically rescue you, traditional Chinese medicine focuses on re-establishing functional harmony in order to restore your health to your body and mind. The key benefit of traditional Chinese medicine is prevention.
Chinese herbs are individual herbs that work synergistically together to accomplish certain goals. They are similar to pharmaceuticals in that they are medicine, but the body processes them the same way it processes food. They stay in the system for three to four hours at most, so they require a longer-term regimen.

Chinese herbs are rarely used individually. They are used in herbal formulas where multiple herbs are combined. These combinations are designed to boost an herb’s effectiveness or to counter potential side effects.

Like their Western medicine counterparts, Chinese herbs may sometimes have undesired side effects. Following directions carefully, and consulting with your TCM practitioner about any unexpected results can help prevent unwanted side effects.

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