Kathy (Bo) Feng

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Education and Training

Prior to coming to Canada, Kathy graduated with a degree in pharmacy from the Capital Medical University in Beijing, China, and continued her studies at the University of Toronto, studying TCM and gained her TCM licenses. She is an R.Ac (Registered Acupuncturist) and an R.TCMP (Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner).

Kathy co-founded Qi Herbs and Acupuncture Treatment Center with Jacky Liang, is a member of the Canada Traditional Chinese College and a lecturer at the John & Jenny Traditional Chinese Medicine College.

Credentials and Experience

Kathy studied and worked with a renowned doctors in the Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for four years, and completed an internship with doctors of Beijing and Shenzhen for more than three years. She has gained clinical experience and a profound understanding of ‘Shang Han Lun’, the bible of Chinese medicine and the Six Channel differentiation.

Other experience includes hands-on practice with Master TCM doctors in China and worldwide, as well as participating in the design of clinical trials with University of Toronto professors on nutritional science and other chronic conditions.

Interests and Specialties

One of Kathy’s specialties is pulse diagnosis. That is, she is able to feel the disharmony in patients with only her fingers, and can prescribe herbs and identify acu-points based on this assessment. 

As for her interests, she is highly curious about discovering the relationship between scientific medicine and TCM philosophy, thanks to having studied in both pharmacy and TCM. 

Overall, she is experienced and passionate about fertility support and our children’s clinic, and strives to provide the best TCM service through holistic application of her knowledge.

Our TCM Services

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