Treat Anxiety Naturally with TCM

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People of all ages suffer from anxiety disorders, which are highly prevalent mental health conditions. A natural and effective way to lessen anxiety symptoms is through traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Phobia-Related Disorders, and Separation Anxiety are some of the subtypes of anxiety disorders that doctors identify.

The following are some of the most prevalent signs of anxiety:

  • Feeling restless, wound-up, or on-edge
  • Being easily fatigued
  • Having difficulty concentrating
  • Being irritable
  • Having headaches, muscle aches, stomachaches, or unexplained pains
  • Difficulty controlling feelings of worry
  • Having sleep problems, such as difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • Racing heart
  • Negative self-talk

Each person will exhibit their an own set of symptoms and sensations.

Causes of Anxietystress relief with TCM and acupuncture toronto clinic

According to one TCM theory on anxiety, a person may have too much energy, also known as heat or energy (Qi), in their mind. Like other types of mental disease, anxiety disorders are debilitating. They are not caused by character defects, personal weaknesses, or issues with upbringing. But the specific source of anxiety problems is unknown to academics. They believe a number of variables are at play:

  • Chemical imbalance: Prolonged or severe stress can alter the chemical equilibrium that governs your mood. An anxiety disorder might develop if you are under a lot of stress for an extended length of time.
  • Environmental factors: Having a traumatic experience might set off an anxiety condition, especially in people who were already predisposed to it genetically.
  • Genetics: Anxiety problems frequently run in families due to heredity. Like eye colour, they may be inherited from one or both parents.

How TCM Approaches Anxiety

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has long recognised the interconnectedness of human mental, emotional, and physical experiences. Depression and anxiety are seen in Chinese medicine as disturbances of the shen, sometimes known as our “spirit.” Herbs, massage, and acupuncture are all effective treatments for sadness and anxiety.

With fewer adverse effects than pharmaceuticals, acupuncture is an efficient therapy for anxiety. The goal of traditional Chinese medicine is to rebalance the body’s organs and systems by seeing anxiety as an issue caused by an unbalanced emotional state.

Acupuncture for Anxietyacupuncture for menopause and menstrual cycle regulation

Depending on where needles are inserted, acupuncture can activate the area of the brain that regulates emotions, including anxiety, or it can trigger the body’s innate ability to repair itself. In other words, it helps the neurological system find equilibrium, which reduces the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

According to reports, acupuncture frequently produces positive outcomes after just one or two sessions. Results and the amount of sessions will, however, vary from person to person, just like with any treatment.

Acupuncture and TCM for Anxiety Relief

Chinese medicine has been used for thousands of years to treat sadness and anxiety, and it is still widely used in both Eastern and Western civilizations today. Both health professionals and people suffering from mental health issues are searching for natural treatments for anxiety and depression to help lessen the symptoms of their anxiety in a holistic and well-rounded way.

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