Amenorrhea: How To Restart Your Menstrual Cycle With Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs & Food

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If a woman misses three periods in a row, they likely have amenorrhea and it is important to seek treatment if this is the case to re-establish your menstrual cycle. This condition can be a sign that there are underlying issues and must be addressed to ensure there are no serious problems with your general health.

The most common causes of amenorrhea include low body weight, excessive exercise, stress, a thyroid or hormone imbalance and premature ovarian failure. Failure to re-establish a cycle after stopping birth control pills and polycystic ovarian syndrome can also cause amenorrhea and some of these conditions are more serious than others, so it is important to see your OB/GYN first to find out why you are missing your periods and to rule out a serious disorder. Once they confirm that there is no serious underlying condition that must be immediately addressed, you can consider acupuncture and Chinese herbs, which can help re-establish your period.

These are treatments that are known to help and acupuncture, in particular, focuses on balancing hormones, improving blood circulation and promoting ovulation. It can also help treat any underlying conditions and most patients report that this form of treatment is very effective. Acupuncture can raise progesterone levels in women, so it can help make a difference. What is unique about Chinese medicine is that it looks at the individual and the treatments are provided accordingly. You may be prescribed a combination of acupuncture, herbs and dietary therapy, and in some cases, lifestyle modifications may be recommended as well to achieve the best possible results.

The reality is that there are not a lot of treatments that can help with amenorrhea specifically but Chinese medicine can help re-establish one’s period. Acupuncture and herbs can restore hormone levels and will help support the natural cycle in a woman’s reproductive system. These treatments are tailored specifically to each individual patient based on their diagnosis, and you may have to take different herbs at different times of the month because they will be associated with certain phases of your cycle, and this routine will help your body return to its regular rhythm.

Acupuncture helps activate ovulation and when that treatment is combined with Chinese herbal medicines and food, it will help balance hormones and will move your energy flow towards the reproductive system while relieving stress. Herbs are known to help women with low estradiol levels because there is no other treatment that can help re-establish their natural cycle. Some patients will have to follow dietary and lifestyle changes, along with stress management because these can also help with amenorrhea.

Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture are both effective in helping to treat amenorrhea and Qi Herbs & Acupuncture can help re-establish your cycle. We specialize in fertility acupuncture, so if you are in the Toronto area, give us a call today!

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