Pain Clinic - Toronto

Our pain clinic not only focus on Sciatic, Migraine, Frozen shoulder, Tendinitis, Bursitis, Arthritis Knee, but also solve any other pain problem as Migraine, anxiety, postpartum syndrome and menopause syndrome, etc. 

Even for minor pain happens on left neck when you get up in a spring morning, as a Chinese doctor, we still need to differentiate what is the main cause of your pain. Some pain is from the damage of your meridians, while some pain is from internal organs disorder.

Of the pain in meridians, 5 times acupuncture is the maximum you have to pay for your pain.

Of the pain evoked by your organs disorder,  we recommend Herbs + Acupuncture combo to settle down the problem. 

There is never be a simple illness.

We guarantee the best pain management clinic in Toronto.