Frequently Asked Questions of TCM Fertility Clinic

Where do tumors come from in Chinese medicine.

From the perspective of TCM, tumor is not only the morphological changes of a specific tissue or organ but also, and more importantly, the functional changes of tissues or organs. The pathological changes of tumors are clinically presented as dampness, toxin, phlegm, stasis (obstruction), and deficiency. Therefore, from the perspective of TCM, the mechanism of tumor can be summarized as: stagnation of toxin and heat, obstruction of phlegm/dampness, Qi stagnation and blood stasis, and imbalanced yin and yang in viscera and bowels.

Is there any miracle acupuncture or herb formulas to ‘conquer’ cancer

There are legend stories on special ingredients of formula and master acupuncturists to treat cancer in one week. As experienced practitioners witnessed patients both in China and Canada in our clinic, we have to say, if you heard the comments that one or several herbs or acupuncture treatment can ‘cure’ any type of cancers, please leave them away.

A real Chinese doctor always differentiates every disease to customize the herbal remedies for individual patients, not to mention cancer patients. Cancer can be developed because the body energy and blood is chaotic wild, which means the differentiation is far more complicated than other diseases. For your own health and money, please consult practitioners who deeply understand Chinese medicine and culture as your complementary therapists.

Can I only use acupuncture as my treatment

We highly recommend applying herbal formulas and needles together . 

If you believe traditional medicine, taking a deeper look at Ancient Chinese medicine, you may find acupuncture is the minor part of our medicine. Herbal formula master books take up 80% of our ancient medicine works. Especially for cancer, the treatment must be deeply inside the patients’ body which is unable for only needles to arrive. 

But why much more oncology acupuncture clinics than herbal clinics, because prescribing herbs require much more knowledge of Chinese medicine. That is the work for authentic Chinese medicine doctors

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