Postpartum Acupuncture And Chinese Medicine

Pregnancy and giving birth are extremely beautiful life processes. But they also can take a toll on a mother’s body and mind and adjusting to motherhood is a process. Women who give birth may suffer postpartum, struggling to find solutions. Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture are completely natural ways for mothers to get into the groove of their new lifestyle.

Calms The Nervous System

Adding acupuncture to your postpartum recovery is an incredible solution. A series of tiny needles are poked into pressure points and alleviate tension in the nervous system. With a new baby, those sleepless nights take a toll, after attending to the overstimulated nervous system, mom will be able to function with a level of calm she hasn’t felt in months.

Creates A Space For Yourself

When you’re a new mom, taking time for yourself is almost unheard of. Acupuncture and traditional medicine appointments give new moms much needed time for themselves. Taking time to recover is extremely important to a mother’s overall health, as well as her baby’s.

Rebalance Hormones

After pregnancy, hormone levels are going crazy, trying to find how to return to normal. A combination of acupuncture and traditional medicines are a great way to allow a new mother’s body to once again find balance. Qi Herbs and Acupuncture has professionals who provide effective natural support that promotes balance in the body.

Help Subside Postpartum Conditions (Anxiety And Depression)

Postpartum depression and anxiety are two things that can happen after pregnancy that have long term effects. We understand how hard and difficult it may be. That is why we are here to provide help to our patients. Postpartum conditions may not be preventable, but with the help of the staff at Qi Herbs and Acupuncture, there are things that can be done to subside the effects of postpartum.

Helps Bring Mothers To Terms With Their Bodies And Minds

Learning to love yourself as a mom is not always easy. But traditional Chinese medicine is something that can help you venture back to self love. The staff at our clinic provide endless support for new mothers, and are so grateful to work with our clients.

Aids In Digestion And Milk Production

Balance in the body through a combination of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine can combat digestive issues, and aid in milk production, one of the most important things for breastfeeding mothers.

To learn more about how acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine can help you or a loved one, as a new mom, call, email, or visit us today. The staff at Qi Herbs and Acupuncture are always more than happy to answer any questions when it comes to our practice.