Kathy (Bo) Feng

Founder, member of Canada Traditional Chinese College

Lecture of John and Jenny Chinese Medicine College
Experienced with Fertility and Pediatric fields

After graduated from pharmacy school in Capital Medical University in Beijing, China, Kathy realized, the receptor and molecular based western medicine have capability of controlling symptoms for most of the time, but accompanied with dramatic unexpected side effects . At meantime, TCM in certain condition is more reliable to treat disease after professional and careful diagnosis. Thus, She studied TCM for another professional school, and gained her License in Ontario.

She studied and worked with renowned doctor in Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for four years, and did her internship with doctors of Beijing and Shenzhen for more than three years. She has profoundly understanding and clinical experience of ‘Shang Han Lun’ –the bible Chinese medicine book and Six Channel differentiation. 

Besides the study in academic schools, she also spent more times with Master TCM doctors in China and worldwide. She is skilled in Pulse Diagnosis to ‘see’ disharmony in patients with only her fingers, and prescribe herbs and acu-points according her pulse diagnosis. 

Benefiting from academic study in both pharmacy and TCM, Kathy is very open minded with both scientific medicine and TCM philosophy, at the meanwhile, she is making her effort to work out the relationship between the two. 

Kathy and her business partner Jacky, established Qi Herbs & Acupuncture Treatment Centre to provide a better service holistically with their knowledge and experience in Great Toronto Area . 

Kathy is experienced and passionate with Fertility and Kids clinic