Jinzhi (Jacky) Liang

Jacky’s uncle is a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. He have been very interested in Chinese medicine since he was a child. He have been learning the theory of Chinese medicine related from his uncle, and had clinical training of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including massage, acupuncture and Chinese medicine. He have considerable clinical experience more than 15 years.

Since his clinical practice in China, Jacky found TCM is very different with western medicine, such as  pain syndromes. In western medicine, some mechanism is vague. Doctors prescribe patients Tylenol to kill any pain, while TCM has unique solution to solve the problem, including tuina, acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Jacky has his passion in TCM, and intends to find way to help patients out. He is candidate of master degree student in Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. During his studying, he has extensive experience through clinical rotation at Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Welcome to our clinic, Jacky and his business partner Kathy are eager to provide excellent treatment service to  valuable patients.